Determining storage performance requirements

Disk performance is measured in Input/Output per Second (IOPS). One disk read request or one disk write request is equal to one I/O.

How to do it...

The IOPS required to support an application is calculated based on the percentage of read I/O, the percentage of write I/O, and the write penalty of the RAID level the workload will be hosted on.

To calculate the IOPS requirements, perform the following steps:

  1. Determine the number of IOPS a workload requires.
  2. Identify the percentage of read I/O to write I/O for the workload.
  3. Determine the write penalty of the RAID level that will host the workload.
  4. Calculate the IOPS the storage must be capable of providing to support the workload.

How it works...

To get the total ...

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