Migrating PSC (Windows) to PSC (Appliance) 6.7

  1. Run the migration assistant on the source PSC. For instructions, read the Running VMware Migration Assistant recipe.
  2. Run the VCSA 6.7 installer from a machine other than the source PSC.
The installer location for Windows is CDROM:\vcsa-ui-installer\win32\installer.exe.

Migrate – Stage 1: Deploy appliance:

  1. On the vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Installer - Stage 1: Deploy Appliance screen, click Migrate.
  2. On the Introduction screen, click Next to continue.
  3. Accept the End user license agreement and click Next to continue.
  4. On the Connect to source server screen, supply the FQDN/IP address of the source Windows machine running the PSC and the SSO Administrator credentials. Click Next to continue: ...

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