Appendix A

Basic PowerShell

In this appendix you will learn to:

  • Discover PowerShell’s Origins
  • Develop Your Understanding of Objects
    • What Is an Object?
    • The PowerCLI Objects
    • Creating Your Own Objects
  • Uncover Cmdlets and Get Help
    • What Is a Cmdlet?
    • Tab Completion
    • Built-In Help
    • The Get-Member Cmdlet
  • Utilize the PowerShell Pipeline
    • Using the Pipeline in PowerShell
    • Bringing It All Together
  • Build Your Toolkit of Basic Cmdlets
    • Reporting
    • Enhancing Script Writing

PowerCLI is a toolkit in its own right for managing a vSphere infrastructure. However, since PowerCLI is a snap-in for Microsoft’s Windows PowerShell, a good understanding of basic PowerShell will not only help you with learning PowerCLI, but it will also enable you to improve command-line ...

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