Chapter 7

Configuring Virtual Machine Hardware

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Add, Configure, and Remove Virtual Hardware
    • Changing Virtual Memory
    • Changing Memory Resources
    • Changing the Number of vCPUs
    • Changing vCPU Resources
    • Adding or Removing a Network Adapter
    • Assigning a Network
    • Adding a Virtual Disk
    • Removing a Virtual Disk
    • Extending a Virtual Disk
    • Changing Other Hardware
  • Optimize Storage Usage with Thin Provisioning
    • Converting a Virtual Disk Using Storage vMotion
    • Converting a Virtual Disk in Place

After your environment is all set up and running, there comes a time when a virtual machine needs to be reconfigured. Perhaps performance is lacking and you need to throw in an additional vCPU or more memory. Or maybe your disk is running ...

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