Chapter 19


In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Work with the vSphere SDK
  • Use the vSphere API Reference
    • Setting a Host in Maintenance Mode
    • Did the Alarm Fire the SNMP Trap?
    • Finding Metrics for Thin Provisioning
    • Can You Migrate This Guest?
  • Use Managed Objects
    • Managed Object Types
    • Data Objects and Their Methods
    • Using vSphere Managers
    • Managed Object References
  • Code Parameter Objects
  • Find the Method You Need
    • Changing the Boot Delay of a Virtual Machine
    • Finding the Patches Installed on an ESX Host
    • Finding the Host HWuptime
    • Changing the vCenter Logging Options
  • Understand Return Values and Faults
  • Put Some Tips and Tricks to Good Use
    • Waiting for an Asynchronous Task
    • Better Error Handling after Asynchronous Tasks
    • Finding Service Managers ...

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