Chapter 5

Rediscovering Relaxation

In This Chapter

arrow Bringing relaxation to every part of your body

arrow Finding your balance and ideal posture

arrow Linking movement and speaking

M y mantra throughout this book comes down to a single word: relax. Everything about your voice depends upon a relaxed body that is free to make your sound ring out. That’s why I’ve written a whole chapter on the subject! The most important element for speaking well is your breath (see Chapter 4), and breath only works well with a flexible, relaxed body. If you’re at all tight, you won’t sound good. In the following sections, I explore several ways to release tension, rediscover relaxation, and ready your body to support effective speaking.

remember.eps Relaxing is not the same as slumping or completely giving way. True relaxation is a potent mix of opposites: stillness and movement, inner calm and energy, peace and power.

At first this chapter’s focus on the body may seem odd for a book about the voice. But as the great Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski told his students: ‘The body must work first. Afterwards comes the voice.’ ...

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