Chapter 11

Stopping Vocal Sabotage

In This Chapter

arrow Appreciating how emotions affect your voice

arrow Overcoming emotional blocks

arrow Stopping vocal gremlins with new habits

W hat gets in the way of you having a great voice – even more basically, what gets in the way of you expressing yourself and communicating your message?

Your voice’s gremlins – such as squeakiness, breathiness or mumbling – come in various guises and stem from various causes, including fear, heavy-handed control, trying too hard and other issues such as health and age. Some more subtle gremlins such as having two distinct voices for different parts of life, or deliberately hiding your feelings through your voice, result in people taking you the wrong way. Your voice’s gremlins are nearly always connected to your emotions, which is exactly where I begin this chapter.

remember.eps You may not realise that emotions are affecting your voice because often vocal sabotage develops into an unconscious habit. Over time, an underperforming or problematic voice feels part of who you are. Fortunately, as I explore throughout this chapter, you ...

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