Chapter 14

Developing Your Public Voice

In This Chapter

arrow Preparing and sharing a speech

arrow Pitching your voice for politics

arrow Responding to tough questions

arrow Developing media skills

As soon as you move from talking to one person to addressing a group of any size, new dynamics come into play as you can no longer rely on direct cues from the other person that they’re engaged. In a group, different members may react differently. Nor can you apply your natural conversational habits with the give and take of normal dialogue and one-to-one eye contact.

For some people, speaking in public is no big deal. They alternate happily from speaking to one person to addressing a group. But if you dread speaking in front of people, you may feel as if you’re acting or showing off, and find yourself faltering in confidence.

From meetings and interviews to presenting, negotiating, selling or giving a wedding speech, you need to be able to cross the divide between communicating effectively with an audience of one or two, and a group. In the following sections, I guide you into the public arena and share all ...

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