Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Take Care of Your Voice

In This Chapter

arrow Breathing with ease

arrow Relaxing – to find your power

arrow Taking breaks

Most people I ask confess that they spend more time and money on hair lotions, skin potions or shaving accessories than they spend on their voices. Is it the same for you? Only when something goes wrong with your voice do you realise just how much you value it. Imagine life without your voice!

Looking after your voice is truly worthwhile. Not just because you don’t want to lose it, but because a healthy voice is your amazing gift for communicating, influencing and connecting with others. Following are ten top strategies to point you in the right direction.

Take It Easy

When your body is relaxed, your voice can happily vibrate and work well. So chill out! If you use your voice a lot or frequently speak in public, do the following:

check.png Scan your body every now and then for physical tension. Check your neck, shoulders, jaw and tongue, and your spine and knees. Allow any tension to melt away. See Chapter 5 for more on relaxation.

Do a bit of gentle physical stretching ...

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