image  CHAPTER 1

Pieces of April. Dir. Peter Hedges. IFC Productions, 2003.

(DVD distribution: MGM Home Entertainment) (Figure 1-3)

Nan va Koutcheh (Bread and Alley). Dir. Abbas Kiarostami, 1970 (Figure 1-4)

The Miracle. Dir. George Racz, 2006. (Figure 1-5)

Raiders of the Lost Ark. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Lucasfilm Ltd., 1981.

(DVD distribution: Paramount Home Video)

La Jetée. Dir. Chris Marker. Argos Films, 1962.

(DVD distribution: BijouFlix Releasing) (Figure 1-6 R)

Dwaj ludzie z szafa (Two Men and a Wardrobe). Dir. Roman Polanski. Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Filmowa, 1958.

(DVD distribution: Available on Knife in the Water. The Criterion Collection, ...

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