Figure 9-16 presents an example of MGCP in action. I have used SGCP [ARAN98] for this example. Additional examples are provided in [HUIT98a].[6]Figure 9-16 is divided into two parts. The first part in Figure 9-16(a) shows events 1–24; the second part in Figure 9-16(b) shows events 25–37. Two Gateways are involved, a residential Gateway and a trunking Gateway. In addition, the common database is shown, as well as an accounting Gateway. Here is a description of each event:

[6] [HUIT98a] Huitema, Christina, Andreasen, Flemming, Arango, Mauricio, "Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Call Flows." Draft-huitema-mgcp-flows-00.txt, November 11, 1998.l.

  • Event 1: The NotificationRequest command must be sent to the residential ...

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