List of Abbreviations

1×RTT Single carrier radio transmission technology
3GPP Third generation partnership project
3GPP2 Third generation partnership project 2
AAA Authentication, authorization and accounting
AAL ATM adaptation layer
AAR AA request
ACA Accounting answer
ACK Acknowledgement
ACR Accounting request
AGCF Access gateway control function
A-GNSS Assisted global navigation satellite system
AGW Access gateway
AKA Authentication and key agreement
ALG Application level gateway
AMR Adaptive multi-rate
AMR-WB Adaptive multi-rate wideband
AOC Advice of charge
AP Authentication proxy
APN Access point name
APN-AMBR Access point name–aggregate maximum bit rate
ARP Allocation and retention priority
AS Application server
ASA Abort session answer
ASR Abort session request
ATCF Access transfer control function
ATGW Access transfer gateway
ATM Asynchronous transfer mode
AUC Authentication centre
AUID Application usage identification
AUTN Authentication token
AVC Advanced video coding
AVP Attribute value pair; audio visual profile
AVPF Audio visual profile with feedback
B2BUA Back to back user agent
BGCF Breakout gateway control function
BICC Bearer independent call control
BS Billing system
BSC Base station controller
BSS Base station system
BTS Base transceiver station
CAT Customized alerting tone
CB Communication barring
CCBS Completion of communications to busy subscriber
CCF Charging collection ...

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