Chapter 11

Simplifying Cost Management

In This Chapter

bullet Watching the charges disappear

bullet Recapping the final four telephony models

bullet Unifying telephone and computer networks

bullet Convincing upper management to switch to VoIP

When VoIP was introduced, many analysts projected savings for companies choosing VoIP versus companies continuing to operate with circuit-switched telephony systems. But a number of these first-adopters ended up frustrated with the earliest forms of VoIP, mostly because the systems were based on using the Internet as their network backbone. (As you discover in Chapter 9, the Internet doesn’t provide the optimal infrastructure for companies with heavy telecommunications needs.) As a result, the majority of companies back then continued to operate with circuit-switched telephony systems.

VoIP has matured since its inception, and today saves companies huge amounts of money. It provides a great quality of service over private, dedicated networks. Moreover, VoIP enables a number of slick calling options. VoIP features enhance the collaboration of employees across the enterprise ...

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