Chapter 13

Setting Up the Smaller Office

In This Chapter

bullet Finding out whether VoIP will work for you

bullet Reading the small print

bullet Evaluating your current networks

bullet Saving with VoIP

bullet Summing up the savings

Considering VoIP for a single-site, smaller company has a lot of parallels to putting VoIP in at a larger multilocation company (see Chapter 12). There are also some big differences. These differences typically pertain to the company’s mission and scope, the volume and categories of calls, and the company’s strategic plans for the future. It may not seem like these three things are critical for a smaller company, but they determine if VoIP is a good fit.

This chapter focuses on the needs of smaller companies, particularly those with single locations. You’ll find out about a company that may closely parallel your own and see exactly how they benefited from switching to VoIP.

Is VoIP for You?

If a single-location company does the majority of their business within a three-mile radius of ...

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