Chapter 7

We’re Dedicated

In This Chapter

bullet Understanding dedicated transports

bullet Transporting over digital service and optical carrier networks

bullet Converging networks

bullet Managing your bandwidth

bullet Keeping a circuit-switched line

As the old axiom states, you get what you pay for. This statement certainly applies to network bandwidth. When you examine the various types of network transports available (see Chapter 4), it quickly becomes apparent that the highest QoS attainable with VoIP is with networks that employ dedicated transports. This chapter examines how dedicated transports can help provide the best VoIP experience.

Basics of Dedicated Transports

Transports are the physical lines installed at the company or consumer premises to provide all sorts of network access. Many folks think of T1 or T3 transport lines when they hear the phrase “dedicated transport,” and with good reason. T1 and T3 lines are the most popular dedicated network transports in the country.

VoIP is making dedicated ...

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