7.2. Illustrative Cases

In order to develop an early insight into the makeup of the VRRP operation tables before going into their specifics, let us consider some simple network configurations and their reflections in the tables under study. For this purpose, we resort to some partial representation of these tables with the following columns:

If: identifier for an interface, ifIndex in MIB-2
VRID: virtual router identifier: vrrpOperVrId in the MIB
State: operational state of the VRRP router, vrrpOperState in the MIB
Priority priority, vrrpOperPriority in the MIB
AddressCnt: the number of addresses protected by the virtual router, vrrpOperAddressCnt in the MIB
RowStatus: current state of the row, vrrpOperRowStatus in the MIB

Case 1: One Interface, ...

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