Sample programs extract from SMF record type 64

In this section we provide two sample programs:

  1. SMF64 that helps you identify VSAM data sets with heavy access and good candidates for SMB.

  2. SMFLSR helps you identify VSAM data sets opened in LSR mode. Once they are identified, you can use the data set names as input to IBM tool to see the probable change in CIsize with the new CI size calculation algorithm.

SMF64 sample code

The sample in Example A-1 can be used to find more information about jobs using heavily VSAM data sets. It is based on SMF record type 64 issued when data set component is closed.

See the documentation inside the Example A-1 for:

  • The parms you can use to extract information

  • The JCL you use to extract SMF records from SYS1.MAN* ...

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