Item BDC000022923 Source..........: PDDB0 PDDB0 Last updated....: 04/29/2002 Abstract........: SMSVSAM address looping during connect to IGWLOCK00 USERS: ALL DFSMS SMSVSAM users PROBLEM SUMMARY:Loop issuing the following messages: msgixc579i pending deallocation for structure IGWLOCK00 msgigw469i no suitable coupling facility msgixl013i IXLCONN failed rc0c rsn02010c08. These messages flood the console SOLUTION: User specified incorrect structure size PROBLEM DETAILS: TYPE: COMPID: 5695DF122 RELEASE: 1F0 Customer : Hi Brought up SMSVSAM for the 1st time on Friday. After issuing the V SMS,SMSVSAM,Active command, SMSVSAM loops trying to connect to the IGWLOCK00 structure. There was not enough space in the CF to define the IGWLOCK00 ...

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