6.7. DFSMStvs problem determination tips

Here we provide some tips on how you can determine the cause of an error, condition, or problem.

6.7.1. How to take a dump of the problem?

TVS uses a function called CER_ProcessErrorAndContinue when it encounters an error which recycling the server would not resolve.

  • Mechanism for taking a dump without terminating the thread or the server

  • It manifests as an 0F4 in module IGWFCPER but it is really generated by the calling module

6.7.2. Classes of errors

  • RRS errors (for example, when attempting to register)

  • System logger errors (for example, a log stream has become unavailable)

  • When all locks should have been released but some are left orphaned

  • When locks should have been marked retained but are not

  • When an ...

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