How to do it...

To get started with this recipe, we need an example list from which to filter our favorite elements. Let's suppose we work for the ACME Research and Development Laboratory, and we are in charge of reproducing some experiment in any field we want. We may choose an experiment from the following list:

data: {   experiments: [     {name: 'RHIC Ion Collider', cost: 650, field: 'Physics'},     {name: 'Neptune Undersea Observatory', cost: 100, field: 'Biology'},     {name: 'Violinist in the Metro', cost: 3, field: 'Psychology'},     {name: 'Large Hadron Collider', cost: 7700, field: 'Physics'},     {name: 'DIY Particle Detector', cost: 0, field: 'Physics'}   ] }

Let's print the list right away using a simple <ul> element:

<div id="app">  <h3>List ...

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