Rules of the game

Here are the rules we will implement in the game:

  • Two players play turn by turn
  • Each player starts the game with 10 health, 10 food, and a 5-card hand
  • The players can't have more than 10 health and 10 food
  • A player loses when their food or health reaches zero
  • Both the players can lose in a draw
  • During one player's turn, each player's only possible action is to play a card, which is then put in the discard pile
  • Each player draws a card from the draw pile at the beginning of the turn (except for their first turn)
  • Thanks to the two preceding rules, each player has exactly five cards in their hand when they start their turn
  • If the draw pile is empty when the player draws a card, the draw pile is refilled with the discard pile ...

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