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Belief is the essence of success
No matter how many setbacks you experience in
pursuing your career goals you have to believe that
one day you will achieve them. If you lose belief you
will give up and become defeated. Belief is an
essential motivational driver in your career. You
have to believe this!
One of my favourite quotations is by
the French Nobel Literature laureate
Anatole France: To accomplish great
things we must not only act, but also
dream, not only plan but also believe.’
This statement has been a driving
force in my life.
Here are two of my own personal examples: ‘I dreamed I would
travel the world and visit many countries. I believed I could. I
did so.’ I dreamed I would write a book and get it published. I
believed I could. I did so.’
Back in 1859 nobody believed it was possible to get a man on the
moon. Just over 100 years later, speaking to a Joint Session of
Congress on 25 May 1961, President John F. Kennedy declared: ‘I
believe that this nation should commit itself to achieve the goal,
before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and
returning him safely to the earth. No single space project in this
period will be more impressive to mankind.’
That goal was achieved on 21 July 1969 when the first person set
foot on the lunar surface. That’s one small step for man, one
giant leap for mankind,’ said Neil Armstrong.
You can do what you
believe you can do.
You can’t do what you
believe you can’t do
You are more likely to fail in the absence of belief than if you have
it. So whatever your goals in life you have to believe you can
achieve them. First it means (in the context of this book) focusing
on your career goals as well as those for your current job. Second,
it means digging deep into your soul to discover whether you
really do have the belief that you can achieve these goals.
Another way of looking at this is as follows: ‘If someone else can
achieve it then I believe I can too. This is applicable whether
your goal is to run a Fortune 500 company or devote your life to
reducing poverty. It does not matter whether your goals are long
term or short term as long as you believe you can achieve them.
This belief emanates from the soul and relates to what is really
important to you in the future.
Whilst the essential motivational drivers are dreams and beliefs
it is important to differentiate these from fantasies. The
prospect of any fantasy coming true is remote. I might have a
fantasy of winning a few million on the lottery, but in 14 years I
did not win more than £100 on any one occasion, despite an
outlay during this period of many thousands. Equally I might
have a fantasy of meeting a beautiful young starlet and living
with her in paradise on some exotic tropical island with palm
trees, white beaches and crystal-clear blue water. Both fantasies
are unrealistic. To make a dream come true you must have a
belief that it can come true, a belief that the dream can be
converted into a future practical reality.
Furthermore you can only turn a dream into reality if you
believe there is specific action you can take, no matter how
tough, that will lead you in that direction. There is no action I
can take to realise a fantasy. Even if I spent a million buying
lottery tickets the probability of winning more than a million is
very low. However, I can take action to write a book and get it
published. Belief relates to what you can do’ and not to what you
Believe You Can Do It

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