Chapter 3Warranty Servicing

When a warranty provider (manufacturer or third party) offers warranty for a product, it needs a service network with internal and/or external parties to deliver the service. These parties then provide the warranty service based on the process defined by the warranty provider and contracts between the warranty provider and the parties involved.

This chapter introduces the parties in the service network, the different steps of warranty service process, and the contracts a warranty provider needs with each of the main parties in the service network.


The main parties involved in the service network are shown in Figure 3.1 and are discussed in this section.


Figure 3.1 Key parties in the warranty service network

Warranty Provider

The warranty provider is responsible for putting together a network of parties that jointly provide an effective warranty service. Each party has a specific role and discharges specific tasks. Some of the parties can be internal to the warranty provider while others are external independent agents carrying out tasks that are outsourced by the warranty provider. The two extreme cases are all the parties being either internal or external to the warranty provider. This is seldom the case.


In this book, customer is defined as the owner of a product sold with warranty (base warranty, ...

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