Chapter . About Friends

Know What Friendship Is

“I have a half dozen close friends. Half male, half female, as it works out. I like them, admire them. There are no shells round them.” [1]

How does Buffett define friendship?

“I remember asking that question of a woman who had survived Auschwitz. She said her test was, ‘Would they hide me?’” [2]

Go to Bat for Your Pals

“I ate lunch at the Omaha Club—that’s the downtown club—and I noticed there weren’t any Jews. I was told, ‘They have their own club.’ Now, there are Jewish families that have been in Omaha a hundred years; they have contributed to the community all the time; they have helped build Omaha as much as anybody; and yet they can’t join a club that John Jones, the new middle-rank Union Pacific man, joins as soon as he’s transferred here. That is hardly fair . So I joined the Jewish club; it took me four months. They were a little put back and confused, and I had to do some convincing. Then I went back to the Omaha Club and told them that the Jewish club wasn’t totally Jewish any more. I got two or three of the Jewish club members to apply to the Omaha Club. Now we’ve got the thing cracked.” [3]

Guiding Governor Schwarzenegger

Buffett made a political splash in 2003 when he became a volunteer financial adviser to the Republican, former Mr. Universe, kitsch actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid to become governor of California. This was a surprise move for Buffett, who usually votes for Democrats. He did, after all, support Massachusetts ...

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