Chapter 3

Utilization of Weak Signals, Collective Creation of Meaning: Applications

This chapter introduces two novelties by comparison with previous pages. On the one hand, several weak signals are now processed simultaneously, as an archaeologist would bring together ceramic fragments to lend them some meaning, and on the other hand several people intervene simultaneously to interpret weak signals.

We are now applying collective creation of meaning (CCM) and the Puzzle® method, the concepts of which have been presented in Chapter 1. We shall present three application cases, based on feedback from experience.

3.1. The Roger case: should we fear this new entrant to our industry? (the banking sector)

3.1.1. Issues for Roger as a company

The general management of the Roger bank is following, with interest and a tinge of foreboding, the emergence of a new player entering its industry sector, namely La Banque Postale (LBP for short, in the following text).

3.1.2. Context

The management at Roger has arrived at the following two findings:

– a large amount of “data” is probably available internally regarding LBP, but this is scattered over different services in the various directorates. As a result, this data is difficult to utilize;

– what little data has nevertheless been pulled together is lacking in content and banal (raw data). It does not help leaders to see clearly, rather the contrary.

TESTIMONY.– “We have an enormous volume of information in all forms: scanned press clippings, ...

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