Would You See an MD Generalist for a Heart Transplant?

How do you know if the agent/broker you are working with is the right partner for you?


Driving to the Hamptons early on a crisp morning in late September is a bit like driving through the opening scene of a movie. With the windows down, I can smell the salt air as I gaze at the waterfront retreats of New York’s elite. After driving nearly the entire length of Long Island, I finally round a corner that leads me down a small street that ends at the beachfront home I am looking for. As I park I can hear the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing just beyond the house. Nestled in the dunes, I find the home of Tatiana and Nick.

The stone driveway leads to a footpath neatly defined by a corridor of chest-high sea grass. As instructed by Nick, I follow the footpath around the side of the home toward the studio located next to the swimming pool. Approaching the studio, I hear the sound of music carrying across the ocean air from the open windows of the studio. It sounds like a tango. Knowing that Tatiana and Nick are professional dancers, this does not surprise me. As I walk closer, I can see them through the windows, practicing their dance routine. The door to the studio is open so I knock softly and enter. Nick acknowledges my presence with a quick wave, one that says I will be with you soon, while he’s careful not to miss a step.

The routine I am watching is their signature dance, the Tango. Their ...

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