Chapter 17. Applause!: One Consultant Reflects on Finding Joy and Purpose with Longaberger

Longaberger is my passion.

When I heard Carol Brown utter those words, it didn't take any convincing for me to know that she was completely sincere in her admission. It's not because she's a top sponsor or a part of the $1 Million Club, or because she's a National Sales Leader or a member of the Leadership Growth Council.

It's because she has a truly inspiring sense of enthusiasm.

Carol's love for her business, for the women and men on her team, and for The Longaberger Company are as plain as the sky is blue in July. And just listening to her talk about this love—this passion of hers—spurs me on and makes me smile. Hearing Carol tell her story moves me past the office politics and legalities of business, and carries me back to the heart of Longaberger.

Fifteen years ago, Carol was working for the U.S. Post Office, delivering mail on foot. The hours spent trudging up and down country roads gave her time to think, and to contemplate her personal desires and goals. And in those days, there was much for her to think about—a lot of pondering to do.

Carol and her husband had been trying desperately to have a baby. After suffering a miscarriage and enduring the pain from such an intimate loss, she slogged through five more years of failed attempts, wondering what life would hold in store for her around the next bend.

That's when Carol began to pray for something more—something to fill the void and pour ...

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