Chapter 23. Memory Making: How Family Traditions Became Our Glue

For some families, it's riding bikes to the ice cream shop every Tuesday evening in summer, passing the same landmarks and street signs, pondering the flavor they'll order and whether they want rainbow or chocolate sprinkles. For others, it's reading books after dark while piled in cozy PJs on the sofa, rain smearing the vista through foggy windowpanes. For still others, it's the annual tradition of picking a bouquet of flowers for the birthday girl, helping her celebrate another year reigning as family princess.

Whatever the traditions are in your home, I'm guessing you'll agree with me when I say that I believe family traditions are the glue that holds us all together. When life spins away from us and just sitting down for dinner becomes an Olympic undertaking, it's comforting to know that we have the backdrop of traditions binding us together.

In our family, the glue we grab for most often consists of backpacks and lakes and hiking. Travel was, and continues to be, central to our understanding of each other and our appreciation for the world around us. It has always unlocked my heart in mysterious ways, helping me to fall deeper into myself. Travel helps me remember who I am and what I believe; it allows me to connect with my spirit and with my children.

In addition to strengthening these bonds, the luxury I've been afforded to travel the country and world has helped me to better express my love for nature and all ...

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