Appendix G. U.S.C. 17 Sec. 512. Limitations on Liability Relating to Material Online

Below is the text of the United States Code, title 17, Section 512, subsections (a) and (b). These regulations relate to a service provider’s liability for copyright infringement due to network transmission and caching.

  1. Transitory Digital Network Communications.

    A service provider shall not be liable for monetary relief, or, except as provided in subsection (j), for injunctive or other equitable relief, for infringement of copyright by reason of the provider’s transmitting, routing, or providing connections for, material through a system or network controlled or operated by or for the service provider, or by reason of the intermediate and transient storage of that material in the course of such transmitting, routing, or providing connections, if—

    1. the transmission of the material was initiated by or at the direction of a person other than the service provider;

    2. the transmission, routing, provision of connections, or storage is carried out through an automatic technical process without selection of the material by the service provider;

    3. the service provider does not select the recipients of the material except as an automatic response to the request of another person;

    4. no copy of the material made by the service provider in the course of such intermediate or transient storage is maintained on the system or network in a manner ordinarily accessible to anyone other than anticipated recipients, and no ...

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