Chapter 1

Exploring Mobile-First Web Development


check Learning about mobile-first web development

check Understanding the main principles of coding a mobile-first site

check Getting started with jQuery Mobile

check Delivering images responsively to mobile users

check Storing user data in the web browser instead of on the server

Don’t be afraid to start small. Some of the biggest successes in mobile today came from small experiments and teams of passionate web designers and developers. You don’t need to know everything about mobile — just take what you do know and go.


If you’ve been hanging around the web for a while, you probably remember the days when you’d surf to a site using a small screen such as a smartphone or similar portable device, and instead of seeing the regular version of the site, you’d see the “mobile” version. In rare cases, this alternate version would be optimized for mobile viewing and navigation, but more likely it was just a poor facsimile of the regular ...

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