Chapter 2

Setting Up Your Web Development Home


Bullet Understanding the need for a web development environment

Bullet Gathering the tools you need for a local development setup

Bullet Installing a local web development environment on a Windows PC

Bullet Installing a local web development environment on a Mac

Bullet Learning what to look for in a good text editor

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.


One of the truly amazing things about web development is that, with just a few exceptions — such as images, media files, and server databases — all you ever work with are basic text files. But surely all the structure you add with HTML tags requires some obscure and complex file type? No way, José: It’s text all the way down. What about all that formatting stuff associated with CSS? Nope: nothing but text. PHP and JavaScript? Text and, again, text.

What this text-only landscape means is that you don’t need any highfalutin, high-priced software to ...

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