Chapter 7

Building Reactive Pages with Events


Bullet Getting to know events

Bullet Checking out the different event types

Bullet Setting up event listeners

Bullet Gleaning info about an event

Bullet Trying out a few events

Handle your tools without mittens.


When you buy a car, no matter how much you paid for it or how technologically advanced it is, the car just sits there unless you do something. (If you’re reading this in a future in which all cars are autonomous, my apologies.) Having a car just sitting there may be fine if it’s a good-looking car, but you're likely to want the car to do something, anything. Here’s a short list of actions you can take to achieve that goal:

  • Start the car.
  • Put the transmission into gear.
  • Press the accelerator.
  • Turn on the radio.

The common denominator for all these actions is that they set up a situation to which the car must respond in some way: turning on, engaging the gears, moving, playing sounds. Approached from this angle, the car is a ...

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