Chapter 3: Gathering Content

In This Chapter

check.png Determining a site’s content needs

check.png Gathering existing content and obtaining new content

check.png Organizing site content

check.png Creating a visual site map


At this point in the process, you’ve created an identity for the site, have a clear understanding of the target audience, know who the ideal site visitor is, and recognize the benefits that can be offered to site visitors. You’re now at the stage where you can begin guiding the client in the task of gathering and organizing content for the site in a useful and meaningful way. Content includes any text, logos and branding, graphics, icons, photos, illustrations, animations, Flash movies, QuickTime videos, MP3s, and so forth that will appear on the site.

Why would you (and your client) want to determine the site’s content needs before you begin working on the design? Because the content can help determine the design, organization, navigation, and layout of the site. You need this information now, before ...

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