Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Tools

In This Chapter

check.png Using a web editor (HTML versus WYSIWYG)

check.png Choosing graphics software

check.png Using color effectively on the web

check.png Choosing the right shopping cart for your e-commerce site

check.png Determining when to hire a programmer


By now you should have pulled together and organized all (or most of) the content required for the site, and you’re nearly ready to begin working on the site design. Before you can do that, however, you must first make a few important decisions about which development tools to use. After that, you need to be sure that you understand some fundamental techniques for using those tools.

You begin this chapter by discovering the basics of coding and working with HTML. You can hand-code your pages using a simple text editor, or even better, you can build your pages with some kind of HTML or web editor. Although not all web-editing programs ...

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