Chapter 5: Attracting Visitors to Your Site

In This Chapter

check.png Using e-newsletters to attract visitors

check.png Writing free tips and articles

check.png Blogging to attract site visitors

check.png Holding contests and sweepstakes

check.png Linking and sharing with social media


One of the best ways to figure out what will attract visitors to a particular site is to think about the site from the visitor’s perspective. When most people visit a website, they’re typically looking for specific information about a particular product or service, such as a 16.6-cubic-foot refrigerator or a Promaster 28–210mm f3.5–5.6 MF lens for a Nikon camera. Finding that information is important — presuming the products or services are the online company’s bread and butter.

To make those customers happy and keep them coming back, a website should also provide other relevant information that supports the product or service, such as the answers ...

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