Chapter 4: Understanding CSS Style Properties

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding the CSS box model

check.png Using the eight style categories

check.png Using the new CSS3 style categories

check.png Working with style attributes

check.png Extending your knowledge of CSS with online resources


In earlier chapters of the book, you find out that CSS is the best way to add formatting to the elements on your web pages, from font sizes to image placement to link colors. And, in Chapter 3 of this minibook, you discover the fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets and how to apply CSS styles to your pages.

As a complement to the previous chapter, this chapter is designed to help you with choosing the right attributes for all of your styles so that you can best style and position your content with CSS. Here you are introduced to the CSS box model concept and the eight style property categories of CSS. A strong understanding of the box ...

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