Chapter 1: Domain Registration and Hosting

In This Chapter

check.png Selecting a domain name for your site

check.png Getting help from domain name generators

check.png Registering a domain name

check.png Researching the best hosting plan

check.png Designing and uploading a placeholder page for the new domain


This chapter focuses on what you need to do to prepare your site for publishing on a host server. You find out about domain name selection, name generators, domain verification, and domain registration. You also discover how to find a good hosting plan, including what to look for in a plan, where to find a host, and general pricing structures. The last part of this chapter shows you how to create a customized placeholder page, which is a single, simple web page with company branding, an e-mail link, and a smattering of other contact information that can hold the place on a new domain until the new website is fully built and ...

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