Chapter 2: Publishing Your Site

In This Chapter

check.png Finding out about FTP programs

check.png Establishing a remote connection

check.png Testing files in a test directory

check.png Transferring files with FTP

check.png Uploading your site


It’s finally time to publish your site! At this stage, you have done quite a bit of work. You’ve planned, organized, and gathered information for your site; designed a mock-up; optimized all the graphics; built all the pages; tested and validated an entire website; and registered a domain and secured a hosting plan. Now you are truly ready, at long last, to share your site with the world. To officially publish your site and get it online for all to see, you need to transfer all the files that make up the site — that is, all the HTML files, images, CSS, external JavaScript files, SSIs, media files, and any other site assets and documents for files that are accessible through the site — to ...

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