Deprecated. This element (first introduced in Netscape Navigator 2.0) is used to place a Java applet on the web page. The applet element has been deprecated in favor of the object element, but it is still supported and commonly used. Some applets require the use of applet. The applet element may contain a number of param elements that provide further instructions or parameters.


Core(id, class, style, title)

Aligns the applet and allows text to wrap around it (same as image alignment).

alt=" text "

Provides alternate text if the applet cannot be displayed.

archive=" URLs "

Provides a space-separated list of URLs with classes to be preloaded.

code=" class "

Required. Specifies the class name of the code to be executed.

codebase=" URL "

URL from which the applet code is retrieved.

height=" number "

Height of the initial applet display area in pixels.

hspace=" number "

Deprecated. Holds number pixels of space clear to the left and right of the applet window.

name=" text "

Deprecated in XHTML 1.0. Names the applet for reference from elsewhere on the page.

object=" text "

This attribute names a resource containing a serialized representation of an applet’s state. Use either code or object in an applet element, but not both.

vspace=" number "

Deprecated. Specifies number of pixels of clear space above and below the applet window.

width=" number "

Required and deprecated (because the element is deprecated) ...

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