s you can imagine, a book like this doesn’t spring from the loins of a sea goddess; it
comes from the persistent labors of colossal machinery, and I’m indebted to each
human piece of it.
For graciously putting me in touch with the good folks at Wiley, I’m thankful to Andy Finnell
(on Twitter as @macgeek02). Without that initial contact, none of this would be happening.
My acquisitions editor, Aaron Black, was a pleasure to deal with and a true asset to the Wiley
editorial team. He was an encouraging figure during the tough moments, and I felt he had my
back in selling the idea for this book.
My project editor, Christopher Stolle, was my day-to-day contact while the book was being
written. One couldn’t hope for a more professional or qualified midwife to see this book to
At home, writing a book of this magnitude took many, many hours away from my family. It’s a
measure of our strength that they were fully supportive during those long periods of required
solitude, and I’m very grateful for the chance. It’s makeup time now.
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