WebSockets Using Sente

Now that we have some familiarity with how WebSockets work, let’s take a look at using the Sente library,[53] which provides a number of useful features, as seen in the following list.

  • Ajax fallback support—Automatically falls back to using Ajax polling when WebSockets are not available

  • keep-alives—Ensures the connection is not dropped

  • buffering—Provides internal buffering for messages

  • data encoding—Takes care of serializing and deserializing the message data

  • Ring security—Is compatible with Ring anti-forgery middleware

Update the Server

Let’s start by adding the Sente dependencies in the project.clj file.

 :dependencies [...
  [com.taoensso/sente ​"1.8.0"​]]

We can now update the guestbook.routes.ws namespace to use ...

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