Defining the Routes with Compojure

Compojure is a routing library built on top of Ring. It provides an easy way to associate handler functions with a URL and an HTTP method. A Compojure route might look like this:

(GET ​"/:id"​ [id] (​str​ ​"<p>the id is: "​ id ​"</p>"​ ))

The route name maps to an HTTP method name, such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, or HEAD. There’s also a route called ANY that matches any method the client supplies. The URI can contain keys denoted by using a colon, and their values can be used as parameters to the route. This feature was inspired by a similar mechanism used in Rails and Sinatra.[27][28] The route’s response will be automatically wrapped in the Ring response described earlier.

Since we’re likely to have ...

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