Web Games with JavaScript - Create Your Own 5 Fun Word Games

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Explore how you can build your own online games using JavaScript

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  • Get to grips with the concepts of JavaScript
  • Learn the elements of game design needed to create a fully functional game
  • Get ready to create five interactive web games using JavaScript

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This is a full-practical course to learn how to make online games using JavaScript. First, you will learn to create a word scramble game where the user has to solve the scrambled word with as few wrong guesses as possible. Here, you will learn how to load dynamic word lists to create an interactive experience. Then you will learn to create a word decode game where the user has to solve a phrase using the number codes. Here, you will learn how to associate every letter with a number and dynamically load words and phrases. Your third game will be a hangman game where the user has to guess the hidden phrases by clicking the available letters. Here, you will use JavaScript conditions to check the guesses made by the user. Next, you will learn to build a word search game to understand how to create a fully functional word search that fills the dynamic grid automatically with as many words as possible. Finally, you will build your last game, a simple quiz game that gets dynamically generated with JavaScript and creates all the Document Object Model (DOM) elements and interactions depending on the JSON data.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and confidence to build your own web games in JavaScript.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Word Game Introduction
    1. Introduction to the Word Scramble Game from Scratch
  2. Chapter 2 : Creating a Word Scramble Game Using JavaScript
    1. Introduction to the Word Scramble Game from Scratch
    2. Setting up and Preparing your Game Environment Using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    3. Setting up Game Values
    4. Adding and Setting up the Word Game
    5. Scrambling Letters with JavaScript Random Array values
    6. Updating and Adding Content to Web Pages
    7. Counting Letters in a String with JavaScript Letter Counter
    8. Adding Scoring and Gameplay to your Game with JavaScript
    9. Final Scrambler Game Tweaks
    10. Reviewing the Scramble Letters Game
    11. Adding a Dynamic Word List from Google Sheets to your Game
    12. Selecting Multiple Word Lists from Dynamic Content
    13. Gameplay Bug Fixes List.
  3. Chapter 3 : Uncovering the Secret Words Using JavaScript Number Values
    1. Introduction to the Secret Words Number Decoder Game Using JavaScript
    2. Setting up a Game Board
    3. Creating Interaction for the Player
    4. Setting up Gameplay and Setting Coded Values
    5. Providing the Player Messages Output Code
    6. Using Array Methods
    7. Making a JavaScript Word Decoder
    8. Setting up and Starting the Game Setup
    9. Game Flow
    10. Creating Player Interaction Inputs
    11. Adjusting and Tweaking the Game
    12. Setting up the Winner Game
    13. Debugging and Adding Final Game Tweaks and Improvements
    14. Conclusion to Number to Letters Game
    15. Reviewing the Code for the Game
  4. Chapter 4 : Hangman Word Guessing Game from Scratch Using JavaScript
    1. Introduction to the JavaScript Hangman Game
    2. Setting up JavaScript Hangman Game Board
    3. Launching Application Content when Document Object Model (DOM) loads the DomContentLoaded Event
    4. Creating a Gameplay in JavaScript.
    5. Creating a Game Start and the Game Setup
    6. Setting up and Building Game Build Player Letters
    7. Checking the Correct Guess
    8. Updating the Player Elements and the Document Object Model (DOM) Values
    9. Adding Score and Player Score Conditions
    10. Setting Conditions for Winning the Game
    11. Final Code Review
  5. Chapter 5 : JavaScript Word Search Game from Scratch
    1. Creating a Dynamic JavaScript Word Search Game from Scratch
    2. Setting up a Word Search Board with JavaScript
    3. Adding Game Elements to a Page Using the document.createElement() Method
    4. Generating Game Values and Setting up the Grid
    5. Adding Words to the Grid for the JavaScript Word Search Game
    6. Applying Game Logic in JavaScript to Check for Existing Letters
    7. Adding Words Vertically to the Word Search Grid
    8. Filling Game Letters Automatically to Populate and Build the Word Search Board
    9. Adding a Player Word List to Guide the Player
    10. JavaScript Game Review with Game Tweaks and Adjustments
    11. Adding Player Experience
    12. Applying Win Conditions
    13. JavaScript Word Search Game - Final Game Tweaks
    14. Final Word Search Game - Code Review and Explanations
  6. Chapter 6 : Creating a Dynamic Quiz with JavaScript JSON Data
    1. Creating Dynamic Data for the JavaScript Quiz
    2. Setting up Quiz Files and Source HTML Setup Development Environment Files
    3. Creating a JSON Data File for your Quiz Using Ajax to Fetch JSON Data
    4. Creating Quiz Questions within the JSON file for the JavaScript Quiz Game
    5. Using JavaScript to Generate and Show questions to the Player
    6. Showing Quiz Questions with JavaScript
    7. Adding Event Listeners to the Game
    8. Moving to the Next Question
    9. Adding Scoring for Quiz Game
    10. Final Quiz Game Tweaks

Product information

  • Title: Web Games with JavaScript - Create Your Own 5 Fun Word Games
  • Author(s): Laurence Svekis
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801078429