Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester

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Learn everything you need to execute web application security assessments as a professional ethical hacker.

About This Video

  • It never gets boring, there will be always something interesting and new to learn.
  • You will be never without a job. If you keep up with the developments, there will be always something new to do. And as long as there are new systems, people will keep screwing up and building insecure stuff. And that's what brings projects to us.
  • So, I hope I piqued your attention to learning web application

In Detail

This course contains everything to start working as a web pentester. You will learn about exploitation techniques, hacking tools, methodologies, and the whole process of security assessments. It is absolutely hands-on, you will do all the attacks in your own penetration testing environment using the provided applications. The targets are real open-source software. You will have to work hard but in the end, you will be able to do web security assessments on your own as a real ethical hacker. My name is Geri and I am the instructor of this course about web application hacking. If you are interested in hacking and IT security, then this is the perfect place to start. You might be a developer, an IT administrator, or basically anybody with an IT background. With this training, you will get everything you need to start working as a professional web penetration tester. But, why would you want to become one? First of all, because it is a lot of fun. You can be in the position of an attacker trying to hack the various system. Finding vulnerabilities exploiting them and taking over the system. You can find the true hacker in yourself. It is a very creative and exciting job. Also, the security business is booming now. But, why should you learn web hacking? Mostly because there is the biggest demand in the market. Wherever you go to work right now as a penetration tester, around 80% of the projects are web hacking related. This is usually because the awareness of web security was already established and everything has a web interface from the web application to embedded devices or IoT. Also, because that is the fastest to learn. It is because web-related technologies are usually text-based and are easy to work with. So, at the end of the day, web pen testing is the fastest to learn and the most searched. So, I think it is an obvious choice to start your carrier there.

All the code files are placed at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Web-Hacking-Become-a-Professional-Web-Pentester

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Warm up
    1. Introduction 00:03:31
    2. Disclaimer 00:01:34
    3. Methodology 00:04:51
  2. Chapter 2 : Environment setup
    1. In this section 00:01:26
    2. Setting up the target 00:08:57
    3. Setting up Kali 00:14:37
    4. Setting up the Burp Suite 00:09:04
  3. Chapter 3 : Web 101
    1. In this section 00:00:40
    2. How HTTP works 00:12:37
    3. Static HTML 00:10:07
    4. PHP and friends 00:14:16
    5. Modern MVC frameworks 00:29:16
    6. JavaScript 00:14:35
  4. Chapter 4 : Application discovery
    1. Manual discovery 00:16:29
    2. Automated discovery 00:11:47
  5. Chapter 5 : Attacking session management
    1. Session management intro 00:13:24
    2. Session fixation 00:10:49
    3. Weak logout 00:04:33
    4. Same origin policy 00:07:03
    5. CSRF 00:19:53
    6. Securing the session 00:05:22
  6. Chapter 6 : Attacking authentication
    1. SSL/TLS 00:19:51
    2. Authentication bypass 00:07:43
    3. Unauthenticated URL access 00:05:57
    4. Password quality 00:03:29
    5. Password brute force 00:08:02
    6. Default accounts 00:02:37
    7. Weak password recovery 00:04:43
    8. Mitigations 00:03:28
  7. Chapter 7 : Attacking authorization
    1. Authorization Intro 00:04:53
    2. Manipulating variables 00:04:54
    3. Client side authentication 00:04:07
    4. Mitigations 00:02:14
  8. Chapter 8 : Attacking the client
    1. Reflected XSS 00:17:37
    2. Stored XSS 00:10:24
    3. HTTP header injection 00:10:54
    4. Malicious URL redirection 00:13:50
    5. Exploiting wrong content-type 00:08:11
    6. Mitigations 00:04:02
  9. Chapter 9 : Server side injections
    1. Malicious file upload 00:14:17
    2. LFI and RFI 00:14:08
    3. OS command injection 00:13:25
    4. SQL injection 00:17:46
    5. UNION Select Attack 00:12:52
    6. Blind SQL injection 00:13:52
    7. Automating SQLi testing 00:11:53
    8. Mitigations 00:04:07
  10. Chapter 10 : The rest
    1. Reporting 00:05:38
    2. Checklist 00:04:33
    3. What's next 00:06:48

Product information

  • Title: Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester
  • Author(s): Geri Revay
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838822644