Chapter 7. Maximizing E-Mail Deliverability

In This Chapter

  • Dealing with bounced and blocked e-mail

  • Understanding e-mail content filters

  • Maximizing delivery rates

  • Working with emerging delivery technology

Thinking about the early days of postal mail delivery conjures up images of Pony Express riders traveling long distances and risking their lives to get mail delivered, proudly in the name of the United States of America. Although sticking a stamp on a letter or postcard and dropping it off at a U.S. Postal Service office doesn't necessarily assure its delivery to someone's mailbox, mail carriers most often do succeed in delivering your mail to the mailbox of the intended addressee; or return your mail to the mailbox specified in the return address, along with a clear reason for the failed delivery.

E-mail delivery, though, isn't quite as trustworthy as the U.S. Postal Service. Even e-mail sent to a correct e-mail address doesn't always reach the Inbox, and returned e-mail doesn't always include unmistakable reasons for the failed delivery.

However, the good news is that the positives of e-mail marketing greatly outweigh the deliverability issues inherent to sending commercial e-mail. This chapter uncovers the various reasons why some e-mail fails to reach an Inbox. Then I offer solutions for maximizing your e-mail delivery rates.

Managing Bounced and Blocked E-Mail

Sometimes, e-mail is simply returned to the sender either by the e-mail server or by a software application, such as an e-mail ...

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