Chapter 4. Navigating Top Social Media Sites

In This Chapter

  • Networking with Facebook, MySpace, and more

  • Bookmarking with Delicious,, and others

  • Growing your business with multimedia

  • Talking in discussion forums

  • Using Twitter as a launchpad

  • Building your reputation with Yahoo! Answers

  • Using the power of niche sites

From earlier chapters of this minibook, you set the foundation for a social media campaign that will attract the right audience to your site: You profiled your audience, set up your profiles, and targeted your sites. Now it's time to get to work — network, that is.

In this chapter, I walk you through specific examples of networking on each of the major social networks, as well as using bookmarking sites, microblogs, and other social media centers. I also show you a few examples of niche sites and discussion forums. And don't skip over the information about how to build your reputation on Yahoo! Answers.

Chapters 5 and 6 of the minibook go into more detail on these topics. The most important thing you need to understand at the end of this chapter is how the various social media sites fit: say, how you can use Twitter to announce a new video on YouTube and then have the video direct folks to a blog. That's the real gold in social media.

The major social networks are a great starting point. Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn can help you find your audience and let them know you're available.


You can apply what you learn on the big networks to the small, niche ones, too. ...

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