Chapter 6. Getting Paid for Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

In This Chapter

  • Making money through the mobile channel

  • Distinguishing among mobile business models

  • Cashing in on bill-to-phone and alternative billing methods

The mobile channel is unique. It is a personal, location- and time-independent, interactive marketing channel, and it can be used to enable commerce. With it, you can turn your once-inert print, television, radio, outdoor, Web, and related marketing media into interactive, money-making storefronts. You can also use the mobile channel as a one-to-one engagement medium, assuming that you have express permission and consent from each person you're engaging. (For more information about privacy and permission rules, refer to Book VIII, Chapter 1.)

This chapter reviews the many ways you can use the mobile phone as a medium for commerce. It explains how you can sell content, use Short Message Service (SMS) as a billing mechanism, and mobile-enhance other elements of your mobile offerings for purchases and sampling of physical goods.

Methods of Monetizing the Mobile Channel

Suppose that you're promoting a new product, service, or event. You want people to try it or find out about it; you want to give out samples or coupons, or give people the chance to buy tickets to the show so that it doesn't go on with empty seats. You want to do everything with minimal cost or effort on your part . . . and you can. All you need to do is place a mobile call to action in your media and marketing ...

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