Chapter 7. Tracking a Mobile Marketing Campaign

In This Chapter

  • Creating and populating a marketing database

  • Profiling your audience

  • Delivering programs through a database

  • Gathering feedback

  • Analyzing customer interactions

  • Keeping track of purchases

Over the past few years, marketers have been under a significant amount of pressure to demonstrate a return on investment for the organizational resources they consume. In other words, as a marketer you need to show the value of your efforts and how they help the company meet its goals — achieve its bottom line, as the saying goes.

In this chapter, I show you how to document your efforts, starting with collecting data and building a mobile marketing database. You can use this database to report on the success or failure of your campaigns, to respond to customer inquiries and feedback, and to track both passive and active interactions with members of your audience through the mobile channel.

When you finish this chapter, you'll have a good understanding of how you can report back to your boss and say, "Yes, we're contributing, and here are the numbers to show for it."

Building Your Marketing Database

You'll find data all over the place. Getting access to the data isn't the challenge. Rather, one of the biggest challenges you'll encounter in running your marketing programs is combining the data you've amassed into a database to create an actionable view of your business and its interactions with members of its audience.

A database is a software application ...

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