Chapter 1: Internet Business Basics

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding the Internet marketing process

check.png Creating a website plan

check.png Knowing who your customers are

check.png Setting goals for your website

check.png Calculating your website promotion budget

check.png Deciding what to do yourself and when to hire an expert

If you’re just getting started on the Internet, you may feel like you have a daunting task in front of you. Experienced Internet marketers feel similar stress in that they get so distracted with whatever new technology is released, they lose focus on the core components that have made their businesses thrive for so many years.

The good news for both groups is that the actual process for succeeding online hasn’t changed. Sure, more tools are available online today than there were in 1996, but all of those technological advances have been created to simply help you through the web marketing process.

This chapter ...

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