Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Keywords

In This Chapter

check.png Picking keywords that your visitors (not you) want

check.png Discovering keyword tools

check.png Using the right selection criteria

check.png Researching your competitors

At some point, not talking about keywords in regards to SEO is the dream. The truth is, keywords aren’t the focus of a good SEO strategy — visibility, authority, and good writing are.

But you still want to focus on keywords. Search engines haven’t gotten good enough at semantics to make us all forget about keywords. Someday search engines may be able to index and rank sites based on concepts by knowing that cars and autos are the same thing — but until then, you have to make some pretty specific choices.

In this chapter, you find out how to pick the right keywords to bring traffic to your business website. Don’t drive yourself crazy with keyword research. Your time is better spent on writing great stuff, working in social media, and improving your site. But some basic research always helps.

Thinking Like Your Visitors

Before you start thinking about tools, you must understand that you ...

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